Broadchurch, Bridport West Bay Drama Continues

Detectives Miller and Hardy return to West Bay for more Broadchurch drama

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    Detectives Hardy and Miller (David Tennant and Olivia Colman) returned to West Bay for the finale of ITV’s drama Broadchurch which was screened in February 2017. The Broadchurch story of a coastal community’s struggle to cope with a heinous crime in its midst, after young Danny Latimer’s body is found beneath West Bay’s East Cliff, attracts huge visitor interest in scenes from the drama. Broadchurch 3 brought fear into the community with a shocking sexual assault. Why not go behind the scenes with our visitor guide below?

      West Bay s dramatic East Cliff at Broadchurch in the ITV drama

        “Broadchurch was written as a love letter to the scenery of the Jurassic Coast” says its Dorset writer Chris Chibnall. As the evening sun settles over Broadchurch Harbour, West Bay, you can see what Chris means…

          West Bay harbour, Dorset is Broadchurch in ITV's award winning drama

            On the harbour’s east side, you can buy ice cream at murder suspect Jack Marshall’s Newsagents (Harbour News), then walk by West Bay Methodist Church which became Broadchurch Sea Brigade Hall through series 1. Tragically, Jack took his own life off East Cliff before being exonerated. The harbour road crosses the River Brit…

              Broadchurch Cabin, West Bay Harbour, Bridport, Dorset

                DI Hardy’s first home, ‘Britbank’, is the blue chalet on the river, just left of Riverside Restaurant. Hardy recuperated from heart surgery at Britbank. Could heart problems return for the Broadchurch finale? We won’t say yet as many visitors have yet to see the final episodes.
                Back to the fabulous Jurassic Coast that inspired Broadchurch with a look at some filming locations from East Cliff’s 154ft summit…

                  Panoramic view of Broadchurch filming locations in West Bay Harbour Dorset

                    East pier shelter (4) and Broadchurch Cafe (3), Windy Corner Cafe, featured in series 1. ‘Folly’ apartments, adjacent to the cafe, is the frontage for Broadchurch Police Station which featured throughout the series and quite memorably in the final series.
                    Who would not envy those spectacular coast views from the ‘Lawyers House’ in series 2? You can enjoy those views from West Cliff coast path (2). Continue your walk to the scene of Danny Latimer’s murder, Briar Cliff Hut at Eype (1). Although Briar Hut is not accessible to the public, it overlooks the beach from a lovely coastal spot. See our Eype Beach walk guide.

                      Broadchurch Caravan Site at Freshwater Bay Dorset

                        Susan Wright (Pauline Quirk) became another murder suspect, having recently moved into a caravan at Broadchurch Caravan Park (Freshwater Beach Caravan Park) to escape a complicated past. In a dramatic twist, DI Miller’s husband Joe was arrested for Danny’s murder. Susan appeared in Broadchurch 2 as a prosecution witness who had seen young Danny’s body being dumped, but she identified the wrong murderer. So Joe escaped conviction at trial. See the West Bay to Freshwater Beach walk.

                          new crime scene, bridehead house broadchurch, dorset

                            Guilty or not? Broadchurch 2 closed with Joe Miller being expelled from the town. Broadchurch 3 opens with Trish (Julie Hesmondhalgh) traumatised on Broadchurch Quay. The close-knit community is again plunged into chaos with the thought of a violent sexual predator in the town. Axehampton Manor (Bridehead House) is the new crime scene, isolated in Dorset’s chalk downs. You can visit the estate’s walled gardens at Little Bredy, 20mins drive from Bingham Grange Caravan Park.

                              suspects at washingpool_farm_broadchurchurch

                                The investigation brings DI’s Hardy and Miller right onto Bingham Grange Caravan Park’s doorstep at Washingpool Farm & Restaurant. There’s good reason to suspect there’s more than fresh vegetables and a nice meal as the owner (Sir Lenny Henry) fields the detectives’ questions.

                                  Broadchurch Coast Guard hut, West Bay

                                    DI Hardy moves home to the Coast Guard hut on West Bay’s East cliff for the final series. It’s only 100yds from the horrifying scene of young Danny’s body lying in the sand. Like any great trilogy, Broadchurch seems to be building an explosive finale developing its original theme. But how?

                                      Broadchurch at peace, Jurassic Coast views over West Bay, Dorset

                                        We’ll update the story at a later time, Broadchurch does end in peace. Bridport West Bay returns to being that wonderful location to enjoy the fabulous Dorset Jurassic Coast celebrated with dramatic stories brilliantly told by the UK’s top actors.

                                          Safety: Please be aware of dangers on and below steep cliffs. Dog owners are advised to keep dogs on leads.

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